NBN and Emergency call systems.

Do you have any Medical alarms, autodialers or emergency call buttons, and your area is changing to NBN?  It’s something that we are asked, what do I need to do when NBN comes to my area?


Well, as you’ll have most likely seen in a previous blog, NBN changes the communication for your POTS (Plain Old Telephone System), and this will most definitely have a flow on effect to your emergency call systems if they use the traditional telephone network.


Most of these systems relied on the landline to be able to communicate, and since the landline itself is going to be changed, they will no longer be able to connect to your existing services.  So what do I do?


First thing you should do, is head over to the NBN web site: https://www1.nbnco.com.au/learn-about-the-nbn/device-compatibility/medical-alarms.html have a read of what the article tells you, register so that the NBN knows that you or a loved one has a device.


The next thing, is speak with the provider of your equipment.  If you are unable to get a satisfactory response from them, please contact us, we may be able to help.


Most suppliers of these types of systems, will need to move you over to a 3G (or mobile sim card) service, to allow your devices to continue to operate once the NBN has been connected at your place.  This is general advice, so you really need to start the conversations with current suppliers as soon as possible to ensure you are protected and can still activate your services after NBN has been installed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.