V.O.I.P Pros and Cons

Hi everyone,

We are sometimes asked to explain the pros and cons of using VOIP, instead of traditional telephony.

What is VOIP?  It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.  Its easiest to explain by saying, it;s using the internet for phone calls!

As we move into a world of NBN connections, everyone will eventually be forced into moving into the world of VOIP for their phone service.  Traditionally for ADSL services, you’ve needed an active phone service to have an ADSL internet connection, but with NBN comes the ability to run your phone service through your internet connection.  This confuses people but put simply, it switches around from needing a phone line to get the internet, to needing internet to get a phone service.

So, let’s start with some of the disadvantages of VOIP, over standard copper telephone services, because the advantages allow for greater flexibility, especially in mobile workforces.  These disadvantages can also be mitigated to some degree as well.

  • If you lose your internet, you lose your phone,
  • Back to base alarms and emergency call systems may not function over VOIP,
  • Fax machines (yes, people still use fax machines) are not compatible,.

Wow, so that’s actually a few reasons why I’d here you say, man, we need to keep our old fashioned POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line….

But, in reality, NBN is forcing people to disconnect these lines and move to VOIP, generally after 18 months from when NBN is available to your premises.

So, what are the advantages you ask!

  • Number portability – you no longer are restricted to having a number, or range of numbers, based on where your exchange is.  Move premises, take your number with you!
  • Cost savings – because you don’t’ have a physical phone line connected to the exchange for voice calls, you can ditch the line rental fee per month!
  • Depending on your provider and choice of plan, you could have multiple incoming services/number or outgoing as well,
  • Ability to set up things like, simultaneous ring, where your “landline” number can ring your mobile at the same time,
  • and many more!

If you are moving into an area with NBN, you’ll need to discuss this with your provider, but did you know we can also help you?  With a number of happy customers running their phone systems in cloud PABX’s, let us give you some options and comparisons to what the big guys offer.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!  We partner with providers that offer quality phone services via the internet.